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Immigration services

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KaleideGroupCo.Ltd is a registered immigration service provider, which is regulated by the Commission for the Supervision and Control of the Cyprus Investment Program. We provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining immigration permits for foreign citizens and Cypriot citizenship for investors.

The list of the company’s services includes the selection of residential real estate for investment, the preparation of the necessary documentation, legal support and advice on obtaining a citizenship of Cyprus.

In accordance with the legislation in force in Cyprus, foreigners investing in the local economy, subject to certain conditions, are entitled to receive the citizenship of the Republic. Citizenship for the investment is granted not only to the applicant, but also to his immediate relatives: spouse / spouse, minor children under 18, financially dependent adult children. The applicant’s parents also have the right to obtain citizenship, provided that they acquire ownership of residential real estate in the amount of at least 500 thousand euros. The term for obtaining citizenship for investment is about six months.

Citizens of countries outside the EU are eligible to receive a permanent or temporary residence permit for investments. Our company is ready to assist in the design of a residence permit.

Permanent Residence Permit — Category F

A permanent residence permit (category F) is issued once, is valid throughout life and does not need to be renewed. The status allows the applicant himself and all dependent members of his family (spouses and children under 18) to live in Cyprus. Children over the age of 18 are also granted a residence permit, but on the condition that they provide proof of their dependence on the applicant (for example, a certificate of university education or a medical report on physical or mental disability).

Having a permanent residence permit, the applicant can apply for citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus after seven years and two months of residence in the country. In addition, status holders have the opportunity to receive entry visas to any countries through the consular missions of these states in Cyprus. Also, holders of permanent residence permit can enter the territory of the Schengen countries under a simplified scheme.

To obtain category F, you must have a stable financial income outside of Cyprus, own property on the island or rent a house. The status does not give the right to work in Cyprus, but allows you to open your own business and receive dividends.

To maintain category F permanent residing in Cyprus is not necessary: it is enough to visit the country at least once every two years.

Temporary Residence Permit — Visitor Category (Pink Slip)

A temporary residence permit is issued for a period of one year. Holders of the Visitor category must renew their status annually. In the absence of a person with a temporary residence permit in Cyprus for more than 90 days, his status becomes invalid.

A temporary residence permit allows you to reside in Cyprus without the right to employment. If the owner of the Visitor category finds a job during his stay in the country, he is obliged to change his immigration status by issuing a work visa. To obtain a temporary residence permit have the right to claim foreign nationals who have a fixed income outside of Cyprus, owning or renting accommodation on the island, accompanying children-students. The holder of a temporary residence permit has the opportunity to apply to the consulates of third countries located in Cyprus for an entry visa.

Kaleide Property Group is ready to help you with obtaining a residence permit. We have extensive experience in dealing with immigration issues. The company will provide legal and informational support, and, if necessary, will assist to apply for a work or student permits.