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About Cyprus

There are many places in the world that tourists flock to, but Cyprus is a very special place. The island of love, where the traditions of Europe, Asia and Africa meet at a crossroads, fascinates everyone at first sight. With its beautiful beaches, warm sun, modern infrastructure, friendly locals... it is ideal not only for relaxation, but for work, study and for business.


The whole island begins to bloom in late February. Warmed by the bright sunshine, the island is covered in emerald green flora and flowers of the most incredible shades. Here you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

The swimming season in Cyprus lasts from April to November. At the same time, the island’s golden sandy beaches are adjacent to the ski resorts: it takes you only 40 minutes to get from the Troodos mountains to Limassol.


Cyprus is famous for its low crime rate, which means that you do not have to worry about safety when buying property or just visiting on vacation. Cypriots themselves are friendly and hospitable. They always welcome guests and new neighbours. And if you consider that a huge part of the local population speaks English fluently, you are unlikely to have difficulties with communication.

High standard of living

Cyprus’s GDP is similar to those of Italy and Spain, which indicates a high standard of living in the country. In addition, medical care and the education system are both excellent and of a high standard.

Favorable Investment Climate

Unsurprisingly, Cyprus has attracted foreign investors for a very long time. This small island state is part of the EU, is a member of the WTO, the World Bank and the British Commonwealth. The authorities have tried to create the most comfortable conditions for doing business: the low tax rate attracts large global corporations, who transfer their offices to Cyprus.

Cyprus overcame the global economic crisis fairly well. GDP growth in 2016 was 2.8%, and 3% in 2017, which indicates a positive development trend. The real estate market is experiencing rapid growth, and the number of transactions in residential properties has grown exponentially.

Cyprus Investment Programme

In accordance with the immigration laws of Cyprus, investors who have invested 300,000 Euros in real estate are eligible to receive a residency permit. Investments in real estate and business projects worth at least 2,000,000 Euros make it possible to rely on the granting of citizenship to investors and all members of their family.

Growing Property Market

The most profitable investment option in Cyprus is the property market, both commercial and residential. Limassol and Paphos are the flagships of the local real estate market as it is these cities that have demonstrated a steady growth in demand for housing.

An investment in property is reliable and enjoys a steady return: residential brings 5-8% per annum and commercial brings 5-7.5%.

These are just a few of the advantages of Cyprus. It is impossible not to fall in love with this island, and it will surely become a home for all who decide to move here.