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Cyprus Citizenship

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus issues around 2,500 passports to foreign nationals on an annual basis. People are attracted to the island because of its comfortable climate, stable economy, developed infrastructure and lucrative business conditions. According to statistics, the population of Cyprus for 2018 was 1.2 million people, of which 208,000 are foreign nationals.

Cyprus Citizenship Benefits:

  • The Republic is a member of the European Union, which guarantees citizens free movement and employment in the other EU member states;
  • the possibility of obtaining free education at public universities in Cyprus and the recognition of diplomas of the country abroad;
  • the possibility of preferential admission to universities in Europe;
  • access to quality medical care;
  • low tax rates and a balanced tax system;
  • access to concessional lending;
  • the opportunity to enjoy social support and the right to pension.

As well as the advantages listed above, foreign nationals are attracted to the low crime rate and subsequent safety and quality of life in Cyprus. Moreover, obtaining a Cypriot passport allows you access to the European Union and its many advantages. The island is home to a variety of international diasporas, whose different languages can be often heard in the streets of any city, making Cyprus a melting pot of different cultures.



Back in 2014, the Government of Cyprus developed a program whereby foreign investors could be granted citizenship under a special procedure. The program quickly proved its effectiveness, becoming a stable source of replenishment of the country’s budget.

In 2016, the law was amended, according to which Cyprus citizenship can be obtained by investing in the local economy at least 2 million euros (previously amount was 5 million euros). When buying property, citizenship is granted not only to the direct investor, but also to their spouse, dependent children and parents. The process of registration of Cypriot citizenship takes a minimal amount of time, and the investment asset itself can be sold after three years from the date of receipt of Cypriot nationality.

Cyprus citizenship on naturalization

Naturalization of foreign nationals is possible after legal residence in Cyprus of at least 7 years (for spouses and children of Cypriots, the period is reduced to 5 years).

Additional terms of naturalization:

  • age over 18 years;
  • lack of convictions;
  • continuous and legal stay in the country for 12 months before applying for citizenship.


Children born in Cyprus after 08/16/1960 and having at least one Cypriot parent automatically become citizens of the country.

Cyprus citizenship by origin

Citizenship by descent is granted to persons:

  • born outside of Cyprus after 08.16.1960, if the father of the child at that time had a Cypriot passport;
  • all born outside of Cyprus after 06/11/1999, if at that time the mother of the child had a Cypriot passport.


The right to citizenship is granted to persons legally married to a Cypriot.


  • being married for at least 3 years;
  • permanent residence in Cyprus for 2 years.

The most popular method of obtaining Cypriot citizenship among Russians is to invest in real estate. Detailed information on the procedure for obtaining a Cyprus passport through investments can be obtained from representatives of our company.